Learn to squat on bars in five steps with these handy exercises
03 mei 2021 
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Learn to squat on bars in five steps with these handy exercises

As a gymnast in the competition it is extremely useful when you master the element squat on the uneven bars. This element ensures that you can jump from the low bar to the high bar of the uneven bars, and thus perform a full uneven bars exercise. For some gymnasts the squat on is a difficult element, which takes quite some time and energy to master. In this article we from Gymnastics Tools give you tips on how to learn and succeed the squat on.


How do you learn to squat on uneven bars?

What is a squat on?

You start in support of your arms on the low bar. Your arms and legs are extended, and your body is a nice straight line. In relation to the bar, your shoulders are in front and your feet behind the bar.

Then swing your legs forward as far as possible, folding your body in half and coming to an angle. Make sure your shoulders are still in front of the bar.
Then actively swing your legs back and quickly squat down, making yourself as small as possible. Put your feet between your hands on the stick, and then jump in front of it.

Depending on your preference, you can first sit on the beam like a chicken on a stick, holding on to the beam with your hands. Another possibility is to move off immediately with your hands and crouch down on the beam. In both cases it is still very important to keep your shoulders in front of the beam.

By following the steps below, you will surely succeed in making a squat on!

Step 1

Practice the squat on a line in the gym. Put your hands on the line and jump with your feet as far as possible between them. Next, try squatting on a block or low cabinet. Put your hands on the block and jump with your feet between your hands on the block. Again, line up your hands and feet. If you can do this, clamp a beanbag between your knees and make sure the beanbag stays clamped.







Step 2

Now it is time to take out a base ruler. Go through the same steps as above, but with the jig: first on the ground, then with the jig on a block or cabinet, and finally with a beanbag between your knees.

Step 3

On to the uneven bars or horizontal bar! Place a block or piece of furniture in front of the beam and practise the squat on and jumping off. Now that you’re doing this, you may notice whether you prefer to let go of the pole directly or hold on with your hands.

Step 4

Practice the ‘real’ squat on in a situation where you can keep your shoulders forward without being afraid of falling hard if you fall forward. Most gymnasts consider this to be the scariest and most difficult part of the squat on. The fear of falling forward also prevents them from keeping the shoulders in front of the bar, which is a requirement for the element to be successful. Below is an example situation of how you can practice this safely.

Step 5

Do you practice step 4 without fear, and do you feel good about what you are doing and what you have to do? Then you have mastered the squat and can do it on the uneven bars.

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