What gymnastics equipment should be in the bag of every recreational coach?
22 maart 2022 
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What gymnastics equipment should be in the bag of every recreational coach?

Recreation is an important part of any association, but in my experience it is often neglected. At my last association there was often no money for gymnastics equipment for recreation and they were in halls where it was important to be creative with material. That is why I started collecting my own materials to give my recreational lessons more colour. In this blog some ideas for gymnastics material that is now standard at my home ready to use.


1. Weights

An easy way to make exercises heavier, also for a recreational gymnast, is to use weights. My gymnasts always loved it when they could do exercises with the weights. Regular weights can of course be used for all kinds of strength exercises, but ankle or wrist weights can also be used to make an element, such as a running jump, heavier. One gymnast who was allowed to make the exercise heavier immediately enjoyed practising such an element again!

You can easily find weights at Decathlon or Action.

2. Elastic

Another way of making exercises heavier is to use elastic bands. They come in all shapes, sizes and strengths. Just like weights, they can be used for strength exercises or to make elements heavier. They are also good for training flexibility.

Elastics are also easy to find at Decathlon and Action.

3. Yoga ball

A yoga ball is easy to take with you if you deflate it a little at a time and is therefore excellent for a recreational trainer who teaches in different halls. The ball can be used for corestability exercises and always gave my gymnasts a lot of fun.

You can also find a ball in the above-mentioned shops or online at various places.

4. Paper plates or Frisbees

Sliders are often quite expensive, but you can do fun things with them. Cheaper alternatives are paper plates or Frisbees. You can use these for exercises such as an active leg swing or corestability.

5. Foam roller

A foam roller is also easy to take with you and can be used for exercises mentioned above. You can also work on balance with a foam roller.

Foam rollers are also available at Action or can be found online.

6. Founders

A ground support is useful for side activities at bridge. Official layouts are quite expensive but they are also easy to make. There is always a handy father who can and wants to do that for a smaller price (material costs). I had a father who arranged material at the hardware store and put it together within a week.

These are some of the things that I have always enjoyed doing during my lessons. On the site of Beter Turnen you can find a lot of exercises with which you can make your lessons interesting and these materials will certainly come in handy!

7. Reaction lights

Fairly new on the market, but definitely recommended! These lights, with a special motion sensor, provide hours of training fun. With reaction lights you can train strength, condition, coordination and balance, and you can vary endlessly. They are suitable for every target group of your club, so definitely worthwhile!

If you want more ideas and information about these lights, check out this blog!

Ideas for gymnastics equipment

Do you have any other ideas about which gymnastics equipment should be in every recreational coach's bag? Then let us know in the comments!

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