Which gymnastics films are there and which gymnastics film should you have seen?
29 maart 2022 
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Which gymnastics films are there and which gymnastics film should you have seen?

As a little girl, I saw my first gymnastics film, "Nadia". I watched it more than 10 times and if I had the chance, I would watch it again. Only much later did I realise that this film is based on the life of gymnast Nadia Comăneci, the first gymnast to achieve a perfect 10 at the Olympic Games. She was only 14 at the time! A very beautiful story that only strengthened my love for gymnastics.

Now, many years later, I still love watching the gymnastics films that come out (especially on Netflix). Therefore, in this blog, I will present you with some films and series that you, as a gymnastics fan, should definitely have seen!

Funny gymnastics film: Stick It!

This film is about Haley, a rebellious teenager who has left her gymnastics years behind. But when she gets into trouble, she has to go back into the gym to avoid a worse punishment. But Haley disagrees with the system and rebels. A fun film that highlights good points about judging.

Full Out

This film is about the life of Ariana Berlin, an American gymnast who was forced to retire due to a car accident. On Netflix, this has been one of the popular gymnastics films for a while. She starts dancing but misses gymnastics too much and gets a chance at UCLA, a well-known American university. As of Friday 1 January, Full Out 2 will be on Netflix! It's nice to know that this university has many more famous gymnasts who used to or still do gymnastics. Check it out on YouTube under UCLA gymnastics!

Turn film Raising the Bar

In this film, an American girl moves to Australia. She used to do high level gymnastics in America but has no intention of returning to Australia. Yet she starts again to help a friend. A fun, fairly light-hearted gymnastics film with great gymnastics!

My Perfect Landing

This is a Canadian series about a girl who is forced to move from America to Canada. She comes to live with her grandfather who runs a gymnasium. The girl, Jenny, is very talented and can do more than she shows because her mother does not want her to do more difficult skills. The series contains enough drama, fun and has 10 episodes for you to enjoy!

Make It Or Break It

This is an American series about a group of gymnasts who are all training for a spot on the Olympic team. The series shows the struggles of the gymnasts but also of the families and coaches. This series is not available on Netflix, but can be found on Prime Video.

Past gymnastics film: Nadia

I will finish with the film I mentioned first. It's an old film, but definitely worth watching! You can also find this film on Prime Video.

Of course, there are many more great films to watch as a gymnastics fan! Do you have any suggestions? Leave it in the comments!

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