Balancing at preschool gymnastics, how do you offer enough variation?
09 mei 2021 
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Balancing at preschool gymnastics, how do you offer enough variation?

One of the most essential basic forms of movement in your nursery school lesson: balancing!  Especially at pre-school age, this is a very important motor aspect of a good gymnastics lesson.

How do you ensure that you do not repeat yourself with boring and simple exercises? Read this article!


The keyword for involving all children in your balancing lessons: variety!
Every child is different, and so is their level. Whereas some pre-schoolers find it exciting enough to walk across a bench, for another child the higher and narrower the better! Therefore, create a lesson with variation in height, width and equipment. And challenge children even more by using small equipment. Below we go through some original forms of balancing, which hopefully will give you enough inspiration to create some fun balancing lessons!


Toddlers love to do gymnastics together! By working together you increase the fun in gym class. Social development is also stimulated by performing exercises together. So enough reasons to give the children assignments in pairs!

Here are some examples:

Balancing together on a bench with a ball clamped between you


Throwing a ball, with one toddler keeping his balance on balls


Balancing on a rope bridge

Turn your horizontal bar into a real rope bridge! Attach a rope to the top of the two poles, and use the pole itself to walk across.


Small material

Make your balancing surface sloping, and use small material, as for example in the picture below.



On this platform you will find more than 500 methodical steps, translated into short videos, to teach your toddler basic motor skills in a fun and educational way!

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Did you use any other exercises of our platform to teach the somersault? Let us know in the comments!

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